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List 13: Series identifier type

Last updated in issue 36
Value Description Notes Issue number Modified in Issue
01 Proprietary For example, publisher’s own series ID. Note that <IDTypeName> is required with proprietary identifiers 0
02 ISSN International Standard Serial Number, unhyphenated, 8 digits 0
03 German National Bibliography series ID Maintained by the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek 0
04 German Books in Print series ID Maintained by VLB 1
05 Electre series ID Maintained by Electre Information, France 1
06 DOI Digital Object Identifier (variable length and character set) 6
15 ISBN-13 Use only where the collection (series or set) is available as a single product 15
22 URN Uniform Resource Name 8
29 BNF Control number French National Bibliography series ID. Identifiant des publications en série maintenu par la Bibliothèque Nationale de France 24 36
35 ARK Archival Resource Key, as a URL (including the address of the ARK resolver provided by eg a national library) 36
38 ISSN-L International Standard Serial Number ‘linking ISSN’, used when distinct from the serial ISSN. Unhyphenated, 8 digits. For use in ONIX 3.0 only 41
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