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List 154: Content audience

Last updated in issue
Value Description Notes Issue number Modified in Issue
00 Unrestricted Any audience 10
01 Restricted Distribution by agreement between the parties to the ONIX exchange (this value is provided to cover applications where ONIX content includes material which is not for general distribution) 10
02 Booktrade Distributors, bookstores, publisher’s own staff etc 10
03 End-customers 10
04 Librarians 10
05 Teachers 10
06 Students 10
07 Press Press or other media 10
08 Shopping comparison service Where a specially formatted description is required for this audience 10
09 Search engine index Text not intended for display, but may be used (in addition to any less restricted text) for indexing and search 32
10 Bloggers (Including vloggers, influencers etc) Where this is distinct from end customers or the Press 50
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