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List 198: Product contact role

Last updated in issue 62
Value Description Notes Issue number Modified in Issue
00 Metadata contact For queries and feedback concerning the metadata record itself 42
01 Accessibility request contact Eg for requests for supply of mutable digital files for conversion to other formats 16
02 Promotional contact Eg for requests relating to interviews, author events 16 27
03 Advertising contact Eg for co-op advertising 27
04 Review copy contact Eg for requests for review copies 27
05 Evaluation copy contact Eg for requests for approval or evaluation copies (particularly within education) 27
06 Permissions contact Eg for requests to reproduce or repurpose parts of the publication 27
07 Return authorisation contact Eg for use where authorisation must be gained from the publisher rather than the distributor or wholesaler 38
08 CIP / Legal deposit contact Eg for legal deposit or long-term preservation 42 62
09 Rights and licensing contact Eg for subrights licensing, collective licensing 62
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