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List 21: Edition type

Value Description Notes Issue number Modified in Issue
ABR Abridged edition Content has been shortened: use for abridged, shortened, concise, condensed 0 28
ACT Acting edition Version of a play or script intended for use of those directly involved in a production, usually including full stage directions in addition to the text of the script 16
ADP Adapted edition Content has been adapted to serve a different purpose or audience, or from one medium to another: use for dramatization, novelization etc. Use <EditionStatement> to describe the exact nature of the adaptation 0 28
ALT Alternate Do not use. This code is now DEPRECATED, but is retained in the list for reasons of backwards compatibility 1
ANN Annotated edition Content is augmented by the addition of notes 0 28
BLL Bilingual edition Both languages should be specified in the <Language> group. Use MLL for an edition in more than two languages 5
BLP Bilingual ‘facing page’ edition Use only where the two languages are presented in parallel on facing pages, or in parallel columns of text on a single page (otherwise use BLL). Both languages should be specified in the <Language> group 35
BRL Braille edition Braille edition 0 28
CMB Combined volume An edition in which two or more works also published separately are combined in a single volume; AKA ‘omnibus’ edition 9
CRI Critical edition Content includes critical commentary on the text 0 28
CSP Coursepack Content was compiled for a specified educational course 0
DGO Digital original A digital product that, at the time of publication, has or had no print counterpart and that is or was not expected to have a print counterpart for a reasonable time (recommended at least 30 days following publication) 11 26
ENH Enhanced edition Use for e-publications that have been enhanced with additional text, speech, other audio, video, interactive or other content 12 28
ENL Enlarged edition Content has been enlarged or expanded from that of a previous edition 0 28
EXP Expurgated edition ‘Offensive’ content has been removed 0 28
FAC Facsimile edition Exact reproduction of the content and format of a previous edition 0 28
FST Festschrift A collection of writings published in honor of a person, an institution or a society 9
ILL Illustrated edition Content includes extensive illustrations which are not part of other editions 0 28
INT International edition A product aimed specifically at markets other than the country of original publication, usually titled as an ‘International edition’ and with specification and/or content changes 36
LTE Large type / large print edition Large print edition, print sizes 14 to 19pt – see also ULP 0 28
MCP Microprint edition A printed edition in a type size too small to be read without a magnifying glass 1 28
MDT Media tie-in An edition published to coincide with the release of a film, TV program, or electronic game based on the same work. Use <EditionStatement> to describe the exact nature of the tie-in 1
MLL Multilingual edition All languages should be specified in the ‘Language’ group. Use BLL for a bilingual edition 5
NED New edition Where no other information is given, or no other coded type is applicable 1
NUM Edition with numbered copies A limited edition in which each copy is individually numbered. Use <EditionStatement> to give details of the number of copies printed 9 30
PRB Prebound edition In the US, a book that was previously bound, normally as a paperback, and has been rebound with a library-quality hardcover binding by a supplier other than the original publisher. See also the <Publisher> and <RelatedProduct> composites for other aspects of the treatment of prebound editions in ONIX 9
REV Revised edition Content has been revised from that of a previous edition 0 28
SCH School edition An edition intended specifically for use in schools 0
SIG Signed edition Individually autographed by the author(s) 33
SMP Simplified language edition An edition that uses simplified language (Finnish ‘Selkokirja’) 8
SPE Special edition Use for anniversary, collectors’, de luxe, gift, limited (but prefer codes NUM or UNN as appropriate), autographed (but prefer code SIG as appropriate) edition. Use <EditionStatement> to describe the exact nature of the special edition 1 30
STU Student edition Where a text is available in both student and teacher’s editions 0
TCH Teacher’s edition Where a text is available in both student and teacher’s editions; use also for instructor’s or leader’s editions, and for editions intended exclusively for educators where no specific student edition is available 0 36
UBR Unabridged edition Where a title has also been published in an abridged edition; also for audiobooks, regardless of whether an abridged audio version also exists 0 28
ULP Ultra large print edition For print sizes 20pt and above, and with typefaces designed for the visually impaired – see also LTE 6 28
UNN Edition with unnumbered copies A limited edition in which each copy is not individually numbered – but where the actual number of copies is strictly limited. Use <EditionStatement> to give details of the number of copies printed 30
UXP Unexpurgated edition Content previously considered ‘offensive’ has been restored 0 28
VAR Variorum edition Content includes notes by various commentators, and/or includes and compares several variant texts of the same work 0 28
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