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List 230: Price constraint type

Value Description Notes Issue number Modified in Issue
00 No constraints Allows positive indication that there are no conditions (the default if <PriceConstraint> is omitted) 34
06 Lend Lendable by the purchaser to other device owner, account holder or patron, eg library lending (use where the library product is not identified with a separate <ProductIdentifier> from the consumer product). The ‘primary’ copy becomes unusable while the secondary copy is on loan, unless a number of concurrent borrowers is also specified 33
07 Time-limited license E-publication license is time-limited. Use with code 02 from List 146 and a time period in days, weeks or months in <PriceConstraintLimit>. The purchased copy becomes unusable when the license expires 33
08 Loan renewal Maximum number of consecutive loans or loan extensions (eg from a library) to a single device owner, account holder or patron. Note that a limit of 1 indicates that a loan cannot be renewed or extended 33 37
09 Multi-user license E-publication license is multi-user. Maximum number of concurrent users licensed to use the product should be given in <PriceConstraintLimit> 36
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