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List 230: Price constraint type

Last updated in issue 44
Value Description Notes Issue number Modified in Issue
00 No constraints Allows positive indication that there are no additional constraints (other than those specified in <EpubUsageConstraint>) – the default if <PriceConstraint> is omitted 34 44
06 Lend Lendable by the purchaser to other device owner, account holder or patron, eg library lending (use where the library product is not identified with a separate <ProductIdentifier> from the consumer product). The ‘primary’ copy becomes unusable while the secondary copy is on loan, unless a number of concurrent borrowers is also specified 33
07 Time-limited license E-publication license is time-limited. Use with code 02 from List 146 and a time period in days, weeks or months in <PriceConstraintLimit>. The purchased copy becomes unusable when the license expires 33
08 Loan renewal Maximum number of consecutive loans or loan extensions (eg from a library) to a single device owner, account holder or patron. Note that a limit of 1 indicates that a loan cannot be renewed or extended 33 37
09 Multi-user license E-publication license is multi-user. Maximum number of concurrent users licensed to use the product should be given in <PriceConstraintLimit> 36
10 Preview on premises Preview locally before purchase. Allows a retail customer, account holder or patron to view a proportion of the book (or the whole book, if no proportion is specified) before purchase, but ONLY while located physically in the retailer’s store (eg while logged on to the store wifi). Also applies to borrowers making use of ‘acquisition on demand’ models in libraries 44
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