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List 252: Resource file detail code

Last updated in issue
Value Description Notes Issue number Modified in Issue
A410 Mono Includes ‘stereo’ where channels are identical 53
A411 22.05kHz 53
A412 44.1kHz 44,100 samples per channel per second (CD-quality) 53
A413 48kHz 53
A414 88.2kHz 53
A415 96kHz 53
A416 16-bits per sample Bit depth, 16 bits per sample (CD-quality) 53
A417 20-bits per sample 53
A418 24-bits per sample 53
A419 32-bits per sample (FP) 53
A420 Stereo Includes ‘joint stereo’ 53
A421 Stereo 2.1 53
A422 ID3v1 Includes v1.1 53
A423 ID3v2 53
A441 Surround 4.1 Five-channel audio (including low-frequency channel) 53
A451 Surround 5.1 Six-channel audio (including low-frequency channel) 53
B001 With crop marks 53
B002 Without crop marks If page size of the resource file is not equal to final trimmed page size of the product (in <Measure>, then text or image area should be centred on final pages. Note that content may not bleed to the trimmed page edge 53
B003 Monochrome 53
B004 Preseparated – 2 channels Two pages in the resource file represent a single page in the product 53
B005 Preseparated – 3 channels 53
B006 Preseparated – 4 channels For example, preseparated CMYK 55
B010 Composite (CMYK) 53
B011 Composite (RGB) 53
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