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List 9: Product classification type

Last updated in issue 58
Value Description Notes Issue number Modified in Issue
01 WCO Harmonized System World Customs Organization Harmonized Commodity Coding and Description System. Use 6 (or occasionally 8 or 10) digits, without punctuation 0
02 UNSPSC UN Standard Product and Service Classification, including national versions adopted without any additions or changes to the codes or their meaning. Use 8 (or occasionally 10) digits, without punctuation 0 58
03 HMRC UK Revenue and Customs classifications, based on the Harmonized System (8 or 10 digits, without punctuation, for export and import respectively) 1 52
04 Warenverzeichnis für die Außenhandelsstatistik German export trade classification, based on the Harmonised System 5
05 TARIC EU TARIC codes, an extended version of the Harmonized System. Use 10 digits, without punctuation 5
06 Fondsgroep Centraal Boekhuis free classification field for publishers 8
07 Sender’s product category A product category (not a subject classification) assigned by the sender 10
08 GAPP Product Class Product classification maintained by the Chinese General Administration of Press and Publication ( 15
09 CPA Statistical Classification of Products by Activity in the European Economic Community, see Use 6 digits, without punctuation. For example, printed children’s books are ‘58.11.13’, but the periods are normally ommited in ONIX 16
10 NCM Mercosur/Mercosul Common Nomenclature, based on the Harmonised System. Use 8 digits, without punctuation 23
11 CPV Common Procurement Vocabulary, uses to describe requirements for tender for public tendering and procurement within the EU. Code is a nine digit number (including the check digit). See 33
12 PKWiU Polish Classification of Products and Services (2015). Use a single letter followed by 2 to 7 digits, without punctuation. Only for use in ONIX 3.0 or later 47
13 HTSUS US HTS (or HTSA) commodity codes for import of goods into USA (10 digits, without punctuation). Only for use in ONIX 3.0 or later. See 52
14 US Schedule B US Schedule B commodity codes for export from USA (10 digits, without punctuation). Only for use in ONIX 3.0 or later. See 52
15 Clave SAT Mexican SAT classification, based on UN SPSC with later modifications (8 digits, without punctuation). Only for use in ONIX 3.0 or later. See 58
50 Electre genre Typologie de marché géré par Electre (Market segment code maintained by Electre) 24
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