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List 151: Contributor place relator

Last updated in issue
Value Description Notes Issue number Modified in Issue
00 Associated with To express unknown relationship types (for use when expressing legacy ONIX 2.1 data in ONIX 3.0) 50
01 Born in 9
02 Died in 9
03 Formerly resided in 9
04 Currently resides in 9
05 Educated in 9
06 Worked in 9
07 Flourished in (‘Floruit’) 9
08 Citizen of Or nationality. For use with country codes only 20
09 Registered in The place of legal registration of an organization 46
10 Operating from The place an organization or part of an organization is based or operates from 46
11 Eligible for geographical marketing programs Contributor is eligible for national, regional or local marketing support. Use with country code, region code or country/region plus location, as appropriate 59
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