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List 161: Resource form

Last updated in issue 12
Value Description Notes Issue number Modified in Issue
01 Linkable resource A resource that may be accessed by a hyperlink. The current host (eg the ONIX sender, who may be the publisher) will provide ongoing hosting services for the resource for the active life of the product (or at least until the Until Date specified in <ContentDate>). The ONIX recipient may embed the URL in a consumer facing-website (eg as the src attribute in an <img> link), and need not host an independent copy of the resource 10 12
02 Downloadable file A file that may be downloaded on demand for third-party use. The ONIX sender will host a copy of the resource until the specified Until Date, but only for the ONIX recipient’s direct use. The ONIX recipient should download a copy of the resource, and must host an independent copy of the resource if it is used on a consumer-facing website. Special attention should be paid to the ‘Last Updated’ <ContentDate> to ensure the independent copy of the resource is kept up to date 10 12
03 Embeddable application An application which is supplied in a form which can be embedded into a third-party webpage. As type 02, except the resource contains active content such as JavaScript, Flash, etc 10 12
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