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List 17: Contributor role code

Last updated in issue 63
Value Description Notes Issue number Modified in Issue
A01 By (author) Author of a textual work 0
A02 With With or as told to: ‘ghost’ or secondary author of a literary work (for clarity, should not be used for true ‘ghost’ authors who are not credited on the book and whose existence is secret) 0 38
A03 Screenplay by Writer of screenplay or script (film or video) 0
A04 Libretto by Writer of libretto (opera): see also A31 0
A05 Lyrics by Author of lyrics (song): see also A31 0
A06 By (composer) Composer of music 0
A07 By (artist) Visual artist when named as the primary creator of, eg, a book of reproductions of artworks 0
A08 By (photographer) Photographer when named as the primary creator of, eg, a book of photographs 0
A09 Created by For example of editorial concept, of board game, etc 0 50
A10 From an idea by 0
A11 Designed by 0
A12 Illustrated by Artist when named as the creator of artwork which illustrates a text, or the originator (sometimes ‘penciller’ for collaborative art) of the artwork of a graphic novel or comic book 0 29
A13 Photographs by Photographer when named as the creator of photographs which illustrate a text 0
A14 Text by Author of text which accompanies art reproductions or photographs, or which is part of a graphic novel or comic book 0
A15 Preface by Author of preface 0
A16 Prologue by Author of prologue 0
A17 Summary by Author of summary 0
A18 Supplement by Author of supplement 0
A19 Afterword by Author of afterword 0
A20 Notes by Author of notes or annotations: see also A29 0
A21 Commentaries by Author of commentaries on the main text 0
A22 Epilogue by Author of epilogue 0
A23 Foreword by Author of foreword 0
A24 Introduction by Author of introduction: see also A29 0
A25 Footnotes by Author/compiler of footnotes 0
A26 Memoir by Author of memoir accompanying main text 0
A27 Experiments by Person who carried out experiments reported in the text 0
A29 Introduction and notes by Author of introduction and notes: see also A20 and A24 0
A30 Software written by Writer of computer programs ancillary to the text 0
A31 Book and lyrics by Author of the textual content of a musical drama: see also A04 and A05 0
A32 Contributions by Author of additional contributions to the text 0
A33 Appendix by Author of appendix 0
A34 Index by Compiler of index 0
A35 Drawings by 0
A36 Cover design or artwork by Use also for the cover artist of a graphic novel or comic book if named separately 0
A37 Preliminary work by Responsible for preliminary work on which the work is based 0
A38 Original author Author of the first edition (usually of a standard work) who is not an author of the current edition 0
A39 Maps by Maps drawn or otherwise contributed by 4
A40 Inked or colored by Use for secondary creators when separate persons are named as having respectively drawn and inked/colored/finished artwork, eg for a graphic novel or comic book. Use with A12 for ‘drawn by’. Use A40 for ‘finished by’, but prefer more specific codes A46 to A48 instead of A40 unless the more specific secondary roles are inappropriate, unclear or unavailable 5 29
A41 Paper engineering by Designer or paper engineer of die-cuts, press-outs or of pop-ups in a pop-up book, who may be different from the illustrator 7 38
A42 Continued by Use where a standard work is being continued by somebody other than the original author 7
A43 Interviewer 7
A44 Interviewee 7
A45 Comic script by Writer of dialogue, captions in a comic book (following an outline by the primary writer) 29
A46 Inker Renders final comic book line art based on work of the illustrator or penciller. Preferred to code A40 29
A47 Colorist Provides comic book color art and effects. Preferred to code A40 29
A48 Letterer Creates comic book text balloons and other text elements (where this is a distinct role from script writer and/or illustrator), or calligraphy in non-comic products 29 63
A51 Research by Person or organization responsible for performing research on which the work is based. Only for use in ONIX 3.0 or later 39
A99 Other primary creator Other type of primary creator not specified above 0
B01 Edited by 0
B02 Revised by 0
B03 Retold by 0
B04 Abridged by 0
B05 Adapted by 0
B06 Translated by 0
B07 As told by 0
B08 Translated with commentary by This code applies where a translator has provided a commentary on issues relating to the translation. If the translator has also provided a commentary on the work itself, codes B06 and A21 should be used 0
B09 Series edited by Name of a series editor when the product belongs to a series 0
B10 Edited and translated by 0
B11 Editor-in-chief 0
B12 Guest editor 0
B13 Volume editor 0
B14 Editorial board member 0
B15 Editorial coordination by 0
B16 Managing editor 0
B17 Founded by Usually the founder editor of a serial publication: Begruendet von 1
B18 Prepared for publication by 2
B19 Associate editor 2
B20 Consultant editor Use also for ‘advisory editor’, ‘series advisor’, ‘editorial consultant’ etc 2 6
B21 General editor 2
B22 Dramatized by 2
B23 General rapporteur In Europe, an expert editor who takes responsibility for the legal content of a collaborative law volume 2
B24 Literary editor An editor who is responsible for establishing the text used in an edition of a literary work, where this is recognised as a distinctive role (in Spain, ‘editor literario’) 6
B25 Arranged by (music) 7
B26 Technical editor Responsible for the technical accuracy and language, may also be involved in coordinating and preparing technical material for publication 15 30
B27 Thesis advisor or supervisor 23
B28 Thesis examiner 23
B29 Scientific editor Responsible overall for the scientific content of the publication 30
B30 Historical advisor Only for use in ONIX 3.0 or later 37
B31 Original editor Editor of the first edition (usually of a standard work) who is not an editor of the current edition. Only for use in ONIX 3.0 or later 37
B32 Translation revised by Only for use in ONIX 3.0 or later 53
B99 Other adaptation by Other type of adaptation or editing not specified above 0
C01 Compiled by For puzzles, directories, statistics, etc 0 31
C02 Selected by For textual material (eg for an anthology) 0 31
C03 Non-text material selected by Eg for a collection of photographs etc 31
C04 Curated by Eg for an exhibition 31
C99 Other compilation by Other type of compilation not specified above 0
D01 Producer Of a film, of a theatrical or multimedia production, of dramatized audio etc 0 63
D02 Director Of a film, of a theatrical or multimedia production, of dramatized audio etc 0 63
D03 Conductor Conductor of a musical performance 0
D04 Choreographer Of a dance performance. Only for use in ONIX 3.0 or later 38
D99 Other direction by Other type of direction not specified above 0
E01 Actor Performer in a dramatized production (including a voice actor in an audio production) 0 42
E02 Dancer 0
E03 Narrator Where the narrator is a character in a dramatized production (including a voice actor in an audio production). For the ‘narrator’ of a non-dramatized audiobook, see code E07 0 42
E04 Commentator 0
E05 Vocal soloist Singer etc 0
E06 Instrumental soloist 0
E07 Read by Reader of recorded text, as in an audiobook 0
E08 Performed by (orchestra, band, ensemble) Name of a musical group in a performing role 0
E09 Speaker Of a speech, lecture etc 15
E10 Presenter Introduces and links other contributors and material, eg within a documentary 32
E11 Introduction read by Reader of recorded introduction (or other ‘front matter’) in an audiobook. Only for use in ONIX 3.0 or later 62
E99 Performed by Other type of performer not specified above: use for a recorded performance which does not fit a category above, eg a performance by a stand-up comedian 0
F01 Filmed/photographed by Cinematographer, etc 0
F02 Editor (film or video) 25
F99 Other recording by Other type of recording not specified above 0
Z01 Assisted by May be associated with any contributor role, and placement should therefore be controlled by contributor sequence numbering 2
Z02 Honored/dedicated to 32
Z03 Enacting jurisdiction For publication of laws, regulations, rulings etc. Only for use in ONIX 3.0 or later 48
Z04 Peer reviewed Use with <UnnamedPersons> code 02 as a ‘flag’ to indicate the publication is anonymously peer-reviewed. Only for use in ONIX 3.0 or later 49
Z98 (Various roles) For use ONLY with ‘et al’ or ‘Various’ within <UnnamedPersons>, where the roles of the multiple contributors vary 20
Z99 Other Other creative responsibility not falling within A to F above 0
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