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List 178: Supporting resource file format

Last updated in issue 44
Value Description Notes Issue number Modified in Issue
A103 MP3 MPEG 1/2 Audio Layer III file 10
A104 WAV Waveform Audio file 10
A105 Real Audio Proprietary RealNetworks format 10
A106 WMA Windows Media Audio format 10
A107 AAC Advanced Audio Coding format 10
A108 Ogg/Vorbis Vorbis audio format in the Ogg container 35
A111 AIFF Audio Interchange File format 15
D101 Real Video Proprietary RealNetworks format. Includes Real Video packaged within a .rm RealMedia container 10 18
D102 Quicktime Quicktime container format (.mov) 10 15
D103 AVI Audio Video Interleave format 10
D104 WMV Windows Media Video format 10
D105 MPEG-4 MPEG-4 container format (.mp4, .m4a) 10 15
D106 FLV Flash Video (.flv, .f4v) 10
D107 SWF ShockWave (.swf) 10
D108 3GP 3GPP container format (.3gp, .3g2) 15
D109 WebM WebM container format (includes .mkv) 15
D401 PDF Portable Document File (single page image) 10 44
D501 GIF Graphic Interchange File format 10
D502 JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group format 10
D503 PNG Portable Network Graphics format 10
D504 TIFF Tagged Image File format 10
D505 BMP Windows Bitmap format 44
D506 JP2 JPEG 2000, improved Joint Photographic Experts Group format 44
D507 PSD Adobe Photoshop native file format, PSD or PSB 44
D508 EPS Image as Postscript or Encapsulated Postscript file (.ps or .eps) 44
E101 EPUB The Open Publication Structure / OPS Container Format standard of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) [File extension .epub] 11
E105 HTML HyperText Mark-up Language [File extension .html, .htm] 17
E107 PDF Portable Document Format (ISO 32000-1:2008) [File extension .pdf] 17
E112 TXT Plain text (either ASCII or UTF-8/16 Unicode) 30
E113 XHTML Extensible Hypertext Markup Language [File extension .xhtml, .xht, .xml, .html, .htm] 17
E115 XPS XML Paper Specification 16
E116 Amazon Kindle A format proprietary to Amazon for use with its Kindle reading devices or software readers [File extensions .azw, .mobi, .prc] 21
E139 CEB Founder Apabi’s proprietary basic e-book format 20
E140 CEBX Founder Apabi’s proprietary XML e-book format 20
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