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List 241: AV Item Identifier type

Last updated in issue 46
Value Description Notes Issue number Modified in Issue
01 Proprietary For example, a publisher’s own identifier. Note that <IDTypeName> is required with proprietary identifiers 43
03 GTIN-13 Formerly known as the EAN-13 (unhyphenated) 43
06 DOI Digital Object Identifier (variable length and character set beginning ‘10.’, and without or the older 43
12 IMDB Motion picture work identifier from the International Movie Database 43
18 ISRC International Standard Recording Code, 5 alphanumeric characters plus 7 digits 43
19 ISAN International Standard Audiovisual Number (17 or 26 characters – 16 or 24 hexadecimal digits, plus one or two alphanumeric check characters, and without spaces or hyphens) 43 46
31 EIDR DOI Entertainment Identifier Registry DOI 43
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