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List 248: Specification detail code

Last updated in issue
Value Description Notes Issue number Modified in Issue
A411 22.05kHz 53
A412 44.1kHz 44,100 samples per channel per second (CD quality) 53
A413 48kHz 53
A416 16-bits per sample Bit depth, 16 bits per sample (CD-quality) 53
A418 24-bits per sample 53
A424 ID3v1 Includes v1.1 53
A425 ID3v2 53
B001 Printed long grain Grain of paper parallel to spine 53
B002 Printed short grain Grain of paper perpendicular to spine 53
B003 Monochrome Usually B/W 53
B004 Printed CMYK 53
B005 Printed higher-quality CMYK Printed ‘premium’ or high-fidelity / high resolution CMYK (where different from ‘Printed CMYK’, and the manufacturer offers two quality settings) 54
B006 Printed with bleed At least some content bleeds to or beyond trimmed page edge 54
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