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List 259: Collection frequency code

Last updated in issue
Value Description Notes Issue number Modified in Issue
u Unknown 60
i Irregular No fixed publication schedule 60
e Biennial Once every two years 60
a Annual Yearly 60
b Biannual Twice a year, or once per academic semester 60
t Triannual Three times a year, or once per academic term 60
q Quarterly Four times a year 60
s Bimonthly Six times per year 60
m Monthly Once every month, or approximately twelve times per year 60
f Fortnightly Once every two weeks, or approximately twenty five times per year 60
w Weekly Or approximately fifty times per year 60
d More frequently than weekly 60
x No future publications Positive indication that the product is the last to be published in the collection, or that no further publications are planned 60
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