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List 92: Supplier identifier type

Last updated in issue
Value Description Notes Issue number Modified in Issue
01 Proprietary Note that <IDTypeName> is required with proprietary identifiers 11
02 Proprietary DEPRECATED – use 01 1
04 Börsenverein Verkehrsnummer 1
05 German ISBN Agency publisher identifier 2
06 GLN GS1 global location number (formerly EAN location number) 1
07 SAN Book trade Standard Address Number – US, UK etc 1
12 Distributeurscode Boekenbank Flemish supplier code 7
13 Fondscode Boekenbank Flemish publisher code 7
23 VAT Identity Number Identifier for a business organization for VAT purposes, eg within the EU’s VIES system. See for EU VAT ID formats, which vary from country to country. Generally these consist of a two-letter country code followed by the 8–12 digits of the national VAT ID. Some countries include one or two letters within their VAT ID. See for non-EU countries that maintain similar identifiers. Spaces, dashes etc should be omitted 16
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